LPL Research Team








Our alliance with LPL Financial provides us access to LPL's Research Team, whose mission is to provide us with independent investment research to help our clients in the management of their assets. LPL Research serves three roles:

(1) share relevant and timely market and economic insights;

(2) provide rigorous due diligence and asset allocation advice; and

(3) develop forward-thinking thought leadership perspectives and strategies. This team of investment research analysts works with us to provide market insight and investment strategies to help our clients pursue their financial objectives.

LPL Financial has no proprietary products to sell, no investment banking relationships to cultivate or keep happy, and no other business conflicts that may impede the team from providing professional and independent advice. Reliable investment decisions cannot be made if conflicts are present.

The Research team supports our pursuit of your financial goals with the following:

  • Robust Research – Insightful and actionable reports on the global economy and capital markets that helps me to assess both short- and long-term market trends.
  • Investment Due Diligence – Analysis on thousands of mutual funds, separately managed accounts, alternative investments, exchange-traded products and more to ensure we have access to outstanding investment options.
  • LPL Research maintains recommended lists of mutual funds, separate accounts and variable annuity sub-accounts. These recommendations result from a thorough independent, objective research process that is designed to identify the best investment options within specific asset classes for these product types. The research process combines quantitative and qualitative screening factors and analysis that do not include or consider in any way any financial arrangements or business relationships that may or may not exist between LPL and the fund sponsor, manager or affiliate.
  • Model Portfolios – LPL Financial Research builds and monitors portfolios for investors utilizing state-of-the-art asset allocation and portfolio construction tools and methodologies.

As an independent financial advisor, I am focused on your financial goals and how they can best be achieved. I create a connection of trust with my clients by leveraging the professional relationship I have with LPL Financial and LPL Financial research. My clients appreciate this partnership and my industry knowledge.

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